Monday 3 March 2014

Tasmania Trip - Epilogue

Tasmania Trip - Epilogue

Here is the high tech track log of the trip :-) I couldn't be bothered trying to use my GPS to record the track log because with the slow winding terrain, its memory would have filled up before I had a chance to download it each day.

Sunday 2 March 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 37

Day 37 - 2/3/2014 – Bunya Mountains to Bundaberg

Unfortunately it was the last day of holidays, so we weren't exactly enthusiastic to pack up and head off.

Saturday 1 March 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 36

Day 36 - 1/3/2014 – Goondwindi to Bunya Mountains

We could have pushed on straight to home, but because we had a day up our sleeves we decided to take it a bit easier and have a stop over at another one of our favourite places, the Bunya Mountains.

There are only three ways to get to the Bunya Mountains. On a previous trip we had scoped out all three routes to see which access would be the easiest to get the camper up the mountain. We had to skirt around the base of the mountains to the Maidenwell side to access the path we wanted. In the process we passed through another small township called Maclagan

There wasn't much else in the main street!

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