Saturday 21 November 2015

Lord Howe Island Trip - Day 7

Day 7 - 21/11/2015 - Last full day on the Island :-(

With it being our last full day on the island we decided to do, you guessed it, a bit more snorkelling! This time we rode the bikes to Ned’s Beach.  We didn’t quite manage to time it with high tide but the tide was coming in which gave a good depth to swim in.  Unfortunately I also didn’t hire a GoPro for this snorkel, so no underwater photos, (seriously starting to think about investing in one though!).  The coral was again fantastic.  And best of all you could just walk in off the beach!  There were also plenty of fish as there is a feeding station at this beach and they are use to getting fed.

Neds Beach
Neds Beach
The friendly fish
And more fish!
The water was noticeably cooler without the wetsuits and just our normal rashies on.  I think there were wet suits that you could hire from the little honesty hire shop at Neds, but we didn’t bother.  After about 30min we decided to get out to warm up a bit.  We also decided to head around too Old Settlement beach to see what that was like for a swim/snorkel.

Old Settlement Beach
As we were walking along Old Settlement beach trying to decide if it was worth getting wet again, we spotted a turtle close to the beach.  It was feeding on the sea grass and regularly coming up for air.  I also think it was checking us out, just like we were checking it out.  So we decided to give the snorkel gear one last run too see if we could swim with the turtle.  Again, I was kicking myself that I didn’t have the GoPro.  We were able to get to within about 5m of the turtle.  The water was just over knee deep but with the snorkel and mask on you could quite clearly watch it eating the sea grass.  After about 15min it was starting to get a bit chilly again so we decided to let the turtle finish its lunch without being stalked.

The seagrass where the turtle was grazing at Old Settlement Beach
Mt Gower and Mt Lidgbird from Old Settlement Beach
After the swim we also decided to have smoko before heading back to the Treehouse.

That afternoon we dropped the bikes back to the bike hire shop and spent a bit of time packing so that it wasn’t a big rush in the morning.

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