Sunday 23 October 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Epilogue

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Epilogue

It took me a while to get the blog posts written for this trip because I had to spend so much time sorting and culling photos.  At this stage I have 13,387 photos from the trip that I am still trying to sort out.  A majority of those are from the GoPro time lapses and start trails that I tried, so I am planning on getting rid of at least half of them after I have worked out the best way to process them, if they are any good.

Some of the other trip stats:
  • Out of the 30 nights away, 18 were unpowered, 12 were powered.  The longest powered stint was in Alice Springs
  • 9,037 km, 1521.37 litres of diesel for consumption of 16.83 L per 100Km.

So if you enjoyed following the story along along and liked some of the photos, feel free to contribute to our “Keep Jodie and Steve Travelling Australia Diesel Fund”.

It is easier to contribute to that than our annual leave balances :-)

Because the leave balances are now extremely low, we are not sure when or where the next adventure will be too - so let the dreaming and planning begin!

Steve and Jodie :-)

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