Sunday 12 March 2017

Kroombit Tops Boys Trip - Day 3

Day 3 – 12th March 2017 Kroombit Tops to Home

Again, it was a bit of a slow start as none of us really wanted to pack up and go home. After a never-ending supply of pancakes, mental note 1 less container of pancake mix for next time, we cleaned up and were packed up by about 10:30. On the way out we back tracked a couple of kilometres to check out the Razorback camp ground because we didn’t investigate it on the way in. It was a lot smaller area.

Razorback Campground
It was a pretty good dirt road all the way out of the national park with some bitumen on the steeper sections.

We arrived at Calliope just on lunch time so it was straight to the pub for a final counter lunch.

The pub for lunch
After lunch and relaxing in the air con for a bit, we all said our goodbyes and vowed to make another Boys trip happen again in a year’s time. Destination still to be determined.

Also, a big thanks to Dwayne and Jeff for using some of their photos and drone footage on these trip posts as well!

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