Saturday 24 March 2012

Crackenback Trip - Day 1

Day 1 - 24/3/2012 – Bargara to Goondiwindi
Jodie's sister, Lisa, was getting married at Crackenback Farm so we were using the trip down as a final test run to make sure that we had every thing setup as best we could for the big trip. For those that don't know, Crackenback is not quite half way between Jindabyne and Threadbo Village.

I was meaning to try and make some trip entries on the blog as we were travelling, but just didn't have the time because we were pushing pretty hard to get there as quickly as possible due to the limited time. Even once we were there it was a pretty full on schedule so this is going to be another “after-trip” report. When we are on the big trip, in a week or so time, we will be trying to do more frequent updates and hopefully I will have this one finished by then!!

As part of our preparation for remote area travelling, we wanted to set the camper up as close as possible to what we will be carrying when we start to get into some of the remote areas of SA, NT and WA. So it was an early start because on the way out of town we went via the local weighbridge to get some weights of our setup.  All of the measurements came in well under the maximum permissible limits.

With the weights done, it was finally time to hit the road. We pretty much retraced our path from our trip to Jindabyne last year so this time we were able to do it a bit quicker by not stopping to do the tourist things on the way there. Hence this trip report will be a fair bit shorter than the one last year.

We made Goondiwindi by about 5:30pm. As we pulled into our site at the Big 4 Gundy Star van park we found we were setting up camp beside another Quantum. We had a chat with the owners and compared a few notes.

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  1. Looking forward to tracking you on view LOCATION LIVE when you leave for your big trip!