Wednesday 29 January 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 1 to Day 5

Day 1 to Day 5 - 25/2/2014 to 29/2/2014 - Moreton Island

The start of our Tasmania trip was going to incorporate our annual Australia Day at Moreton Island break.  Pretty much the one time of year when a group of Uni friends all get together for a catch up and a few drinks :-).  And a final chance for a bit of luxury and rest before camping our way around Tasmania.

The 2014 Oz Day break was a lot more relaxed than the 2013 break.  In 2013, pretty much from the time of arriving on the island I was getting calls from work due to the tornados, rain and impending flooding caused by ex TC Oswald.  Most of my time was spent watching the news and working remotely.  In 2013 the weather was also effecting the island as it was the first time ever that the ferry between Tangalooma and Brisbane was to be cancelled.  One of our group had to leave early due to the cancellation.

The next 4 days consisted mostly of a few swims, a trip to the lighthouse at Cape Moreton, quad biking, watching the nightly dolphin feeding and doing nothing!

The apartments, see if you can guess which one is ours :-)
Mum and baby dolphin (the best photo I could get)
A random tourist feeding the dolphins
Looking south along the Eastern beach of Moreton
Cape Moreton lighthouse
The view from the balcony
Beside royalty on the way home!
Saying good bye to the Wrecks on the way home.
I have also included some photos from a friend from 2013 as just as a bit of a comparison.

Paddling through to reception. In 2012 the water was actually deeper!
The path through the resort.

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