Friday 31 January 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 7

Day 7 - 31/1/2014 - Brisbane to Yarrie Lake

We were due to board the Spirit of Tasmania on the 5th of February so we didn't have much time to make it to Melbourne.  We also wanted to go via Canberra to visit the National Library for the Mapping our World exhibition so we had to put the foot down.

As it was a Friday morning the traffic getting out of Brisbane was a little bit lighter than a regular weekday.  It was a good thing that we were heading against the flow and had a fairly easy run out to Warwick.  We stopped at Warwick for a smoko break and the temperature wasn't too bad.  We had been watching the temps for a week or two prior as there was a heat wave crossing the country.  We were hoping that we would miss the heat wave on the way to Tas and were looking forward to some cooler weather there.

Unfortunately the cooler temps didn't last.  We arrived at Goondiwindi earlier than we had expected and because the temperature had hit 38 deg C and was staying there, we decided to just keep driving until it cooled down.  It was good to be in the car air con. Unfortunately the outside temperature didn't drop!

We arrived at Lake Yarrie at about 7pm NSW time, (we went forward an hour due to daylight saving time), and it was still 38 deg C!.  So we paid a whole $5 extra to use a powered site so that we could plug in and run the air con too at least lower the temp in the camper to make it a bit more comfortable for sleeping.

Campsite at Yarrie Lake

With it being so hot we were hoping to go for a swim at Yarrie Lake, but unfortunately due to a suspected Blue Green algae bloom we didn’t bother.  The caretaker said that they didn’t think that they actually had any algae there but they were still waiting on the results on tests that the state govt had carried out to confirm whether or not it was there, so we decided against a dip.

We were the only ones camping at Yarrie Lake because the water level had dropped so much.  Usually the lake is very popular with locals for water skiing but with the level so low they can’t ski.  The water level was significantly lower than when we last visited.

Here is what it looked like last time we were here.

As the sun set the temperature also dropped to a bit more bearable level.

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