Friday 25 March 2016

3 Corners & a Double Simpson Desert Crossing - Day 3

Day 3 - 25/3/2016 - Bourke to Cameron Corner

The early rise made sure we saw the spectacular sunrise.  If the sunrises was going to be like this for the next week or so, then it certainly wasn’t going to be hard getting out of bed.  

Sunrise over the Old Bourke Bridge

Today is the day when the adventure really starts.  We were hitting the dirt for the first time.

Airing down to about 25psi hot.
A couple of quick stops to stretch the legs and get some scenery shots.  It also let us change the travelling order around so that everyone had a turn at sucking in each others dust.  There wasn’t even the slightest hint of a breeze and the dust was just hanging in the air so we had to put a bit of distance between all of us.

Dust still hanging in the air
We also had to watch out for the emus.  There were quite a few groups of them out here that were just wandering all over the road.

Dodge the emus
A quick smoko break at Wanaaring on the Paroo River.  The Paroo River actually had some water in it which looked like a rarity.

Paroo River
The next town was Tibooburra with not a lot in between.

Click on the image to get the larger panorama.
Just after lunch time we arrived at Tibooburra to refuel.  At this stage all three vehicles were using within 5 litres of each other.  The town had a lot of nice old stone buildings.  Unfortunately we didn't have the time to stop and check them out better as we still about another 140km to go to get to our destination for the night.

While everyone was refuelling and restocking from the shop, I ducked into the Info Centre/Museum quickly as they had the original corner post that was placed at Cameron Corner.  The corner of QLD, NSW and SA.  This was the first corner that we were headed to.

The original 1880 Corner Post
On the way to Cameron Corner there was the opportunity for a few dusty actions shots.

Snowy's Triton

Selwyns Triton
As we got closer to Cameron Corner we could see the border fence.  Snowy when on ahead and left Selwyn and I find a few of the border survey markers.

The border fence
A border survey marker
The top of the marker
The we finally reached the South Australian border and Cameron Corner.

We checked into the Cameron Corner Store campsite for the night.  

Cameron Corner Store
It was going to be our first real test of our camp setups and our last real toilets and showers for awhile.  I was able to set my camp up with enough time to take in the sunset.

The temperature had been sitting around the 38deg all day and even after sunset the temperature still wasn’t dropping.   That night a hot desert wind also started so you couldn’t even have the windows of the tent open because there was so much sand blowing around.  So it made for a very uncomfortable hot night in the tent.  The wind was so strong I also had to get up during the night to peg down the rear guy ropes of the tent to stop it collapsing in on it self.

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