Thursday 24 March 2016

3 Corners & a Double Simpson Desert Crossing - Day 2

Day 2 - 24/3/2016 - Goondiwindi to Bourke

After a good nights sleep I was up and on the road again by about 8am.  The early start was useful because as soon as I crossed over the border at Goondiwindi into NSW, I lost an hour due to daylight saving.

We had passed through Brewarrina at the start of our 2012 trip.  It was interesting to compare how dry it looked now compared to back then.

Brewarrina rest area 2016
Brewarrina rest area 2012
Barwon River at Brewarrina
I arrived at Bourke in good time and checked into the Bourke Bridge Inn, the motel that we were all meeting at.  

Because I was the first to arrive and there was still plenty of light left in the sky, I went for a walk along the river to see if I could get any photos of the bird life.  The last time that we stopped over in Bourke there was heaps of bird life on the river.  Unfortunately there was no where near as much bird life as the previous trip.  I think it was mainly due to a different time in the season and there wasn’t quite as much flow in the river as well.  It might not have been quite as good a wet season to attract the bird life.

The river bank also gave a better perspective of the old Bourke Bridge.

Old Bourke Bridge
Selwyn arrived pretty much on sunset and Snowie arrived at about 8:30pm.  The last hour or so of his trip had to be done at a lot slower pace due to the roos starting to venture out onto the road at dark.

After a dinner in the motel we pulled out the map to confirm the route for the trip.  At this stage we were still having to be a bit flexible with the route as some of the roads were still closed due to the rain event that occurred across the South Australian and Queensland outback.

With the planning done we called it a night because it was going to be another early start in the morning with a lot of kilometres to do.

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