Friday 1 July 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Day 30

Day 30 - 1/7/2016 - Charters Towers to Springsure

It was a early start because we had another long day of driving to do.

We weren't expecting the heavy fog.

On our way out of town we went for a quick drive through the Charters Towers city centre, just to see what the place was like for future reference.  There were quite a lot of grand old buildings in very good condition.  We would have liked to have had a bit more time to have a wander around the streets looking at the old architecture.

We had a slow start to the trip because the fog took awhile to start to lift.

But it did eventually lift.

Just outside of Clermont the highway was a lot closer to the mining spoil than some of the mines near Moura.

We stopped for lunch in Clermont and then did a quick drive through town on our way out of town.

We had seen a few of these signs on the Tablelands but were never able to get a photo of one at speed.  We managed to jag a usable on this time.  We cracked up the first time we saw it and I still get a giggle out out it.  At least there are some lawyers out there with a sense of humour.

It had felt like a long day to get to Emerald, but once we were there we knew it wasn’t too far to our final night stop :-(  It was a totally different day than when we came through Emerald at the start of this trip, bright and sunny compared to rainy and cold.

At Springsure we were back in our favourite spot.

Camped with all of our friends!
And one last chance at some star stacking.  Unfortunately the GoPro must have bounced around a bit.

The GoPro must have been bumped a few times causing the slight wiggles in the trails

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