Sunday, 16 April 2017

Berridale Trip - Day 4

Day 4 – 16/4/2017 – Forbes to Berridale

The temperature only dropped down to 7.5 overnight, which was nice and cool but not cold, yet! It was a nice change. It was going to be another big day driving but I still had some time to get a few photos of the van park and the Lachlan River before we departed.

Lachlan River Forbes

From Forbes we headed to Grenfell, Young, Harden/Murrumburrah and towards Yass via the Hume highway briefly before jumping off it and heading south towards Canberra. We had been trying to take backroads for a while and certainly noticed the increase in traffic once we arrived in Yass. We decided to skirt around the outside of Canberra as much as possible and went through Tuggeranong. From there it was smooth sailing to Cooma and Berridale.

We met up with Lisa and Ian in Berridale so that they could show us to the way to the farm because the in car navigation systems and even Google have trouble with their rural address. We had a quick meet and greet with everyone else that was there for Easter and started setting up camp with probably the biggest number of onlookers that we have ever had.

It was getting late in the afternoon but we still had time for a quick tour of the boundary of the farm on the quad bike and a quick lesson in riding a motor bike. Toby Price has nothing to worry about and I think I will be sticking to quads! Riding the quad brought back great memories from the day we all went quad biking in the mountains two days before Lisa and Ians wedding.  Here is the link to that page.

While I was off playing on the mechanical toys Jodie took a few photos around the farm.

That night it was steaks on the open fire grill! You can’t get better than that!

That wasn’t the only fire that we had that night either. Luckily for us it was a nice still night and we could light up the big bonfire. With the big fire going and some good coals we decided to try a damper in the camp oven. We used Dwaynes recipe that he had success with on a recent boys trip  to Kroombit Tops.  In the process, I got schooled in how not to tell a pastry chef how to mix up flour and milk, (thanks for the warning Lisa!).  It didn’t quite rise as much as Dwaynes damper did, but it was still pretty good! I am putting it down to Dwaynes secret ingredient, the mankie bandage on his finger that he nearly cut the top of off.

As the night air temperature was dropping relatively quickly everyone filtered off to bed.  That was my queue to start talking some night photos.  It was the perfect night for it as there was hardly a cloud in the sky. 

And a bit of a night lapse video

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