Wednesday 19 April 2017

Berridale Trip - Day 7

Day 7 – 19/4/2017 – Berridale to Tumut

Unfortunately, it was the day that we had to leave to start heading home . But before we did head off I had one last fly around with the drone . I was initially going to fly over to the large rock that stood out on top of the nearby ridge. I was still only new to flying the drone and getting use to controlling it. I made it to about 470m away from me and chickened out. It was still a long way over to the rock and because we were leaving this morning I couldn’t really afford to have it run out of battery and land so far away and then have to go searching for it. It will have to wait until another visit when I have a lot more experience. I am sure the rock is not going anywhere any time soon.

Very hard to see but the large rock is centre of the photo on the horizon
I later worked out that I was still about 1.75km from getting to the rock. So I will definitely have to make sure that the battery is fully charged on the next attempt!

I also had a very quick try at capturing photos that I could use to generate some spatial image products, ie georeferenced and 3D images. It didn’t turn out too bad for a first attempt. This is what is produced from 86 photos.

After running out of drone batteries and finally having to pack up and get moving, we said our goodbyes to Lisa and headed off.

We didn’t have a set destination in mind but knew we were going to go over the Snowy Mountain Highway – one of our favourite sections of highway.



The first location that we had thought of staying at was Three Mile Dam near the Mt Selwyn Ski Resort. Being school holidays and such a nice spot, all of the decent level sites were already taken. It was however a nice lunch stop.

3 Mile Dam
3 Mile Dam
The next spot we were thinking of staying at was Yarrangobilly. We had stayed there overnight on a previous trip. It was a nice little spot right beside a stream. Unfortunately, again there were lots of people on the road so the only space left was too close to the highway.

Next, we checked out the small township of Talbingo. It was a nice little spot but the van park was a bit too far away from the water.

Talbingo Dam

In the end we decided to just push on to Tumut as there was a nice van park there that was right on the river. We had stayed here a few years ago and loved it so we were looking forward to staying there again.

We managed to get a site backing right onto the river. Because it was so nice we decided to stay an extra night so that we could have tomorrow as a bit of a rest day out of the vehicle before we did the long push for home.

That night I also had a chance and time to experiment with some more night shots.

A 60 sec exposure at ISO800

A 12 minute exposure at ISO100


  1. Great photos as usual Stevie we have to go to work tomorrow!