Friday 12 August 2011

Carnarvon Gorge Trip - Day 1

Day 1 -  12/8/2011 - To Takarakka Resort, Carnarvon Gorge

Looking at our calender for the rest of the year, there weren’t too many free weekends were we were going to be able to get away.  So we decided that we would take a few days off and head to Carnarvon Gorge to check it out.

We knew it was going to be a big day so we were packed, hitched and ready to roll at 8am.  It was a fantastic day for the start of the trip.  Not a cloud in the sky!  We were hoping that the weather was going to stay like this for the next few days.

First stop Miriam Vale for an early smoko

Second stop was a quick refuel at Biloela.  Because we didn’t know the town we just pulled into the first servo that we saw.  It was a bit of a squeeze with the van on but we managed to get out without taking out any of the bowsers :-).  Mental note to self, always head to the truck stops!

Lunch stop was at Banana.  It was a bit of a step back in time as the playground in the park was still the type we remembered from when we were kids.  Big metal slippery slide with no safety barriers or rubber matting and a set of monkey bars.  For old time sake we had a slide and a hang from the monkey bars.  It feels funny how the perspective of things change as you get older.  The slide and monkey bars seemed so big when you were kids but it seems so small now!  My knees were nearly dragging in the dirt when swinging on the monkey bars!

We arrived at Takarakka Bush Resort at around 4.30.  We were surprised by how many people were there.  Even though we were in the unpowered section, there were still lots of people.  Not what we expected - very busy and not much room even in the unpowered section compared to Cania.  The amenities were nice though.  It was also a bit of a disappointment that you also couldn’t have your own fire.

I also started to have a play around with taking long exposures on the camera.  Here is my best shot of the night.

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