Monday 15 August 2011

Carnarvon Gorge Trip - Day 4

Day 4 - 15/8/2011 - Moss Gardens walk

Jodie decided that her legs and feet just weren’t quite sore and weary enough so we needed to do another 7km!!  So again after a bit of a late start we headed off to the visitors information center again to do the walk to the Moss Garden, a side track that we ran out of time to do on our way back from Big Bend.

Because we weren’t under any time/distance constraints today, I was also able to take a few more photos of the scenery along the track.

Locals at the visitors centre

Crossing the creek to the start of the Main Track

Another creek crossing
Looking back from the start of the track into the Moss Garden
On the way into the Moss Garden we had to cross another little crystal clear creek.  It was such a nice spot that we decided to stop for a quick morning tea by the running water.

Creek running out of the Moss Garden
The walk into the Moss Garden was worth it.  It was very different to other spots.  Again the temperature dropped quite a bit.  We also just managed to time it so that we had a good 10 to 15 minutes there by ourselves before the next stream of walkers arrived.

Moss Garden Waterfall
What would a trip to Moss Garden be without some moss!
On the first day up to Big Bend, Jodie had made me re-fashion an old tree root into a walking stick for her.  By the afternoon she had picked up another stick to help her for the return journey.  The sticks really helped on the creek crossings as it allowed you to keep better balance on the stepping stones and work out whether the stones were stable or not.  As it was the final day of walking, once we reached the Information Centre, Jodie decided to donate her sticks to the communal walking stick pile.  Pity we didn’t spy the communal walking stick stash on our way out in the morning on the first day.

The walking stick stash!
Looking back across towards the Visitors Info Centre
After a late lunch back at camp, I spent the rest of the afternoon taking a few photos around the camp site.

Camp grounds before rush hour
A butterfly.
Who is a cheeky little cockatoo!
And a few more night shots...

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