Sunday 14 August 2011

Carnarvon Gorge Trip - Day 3

Day 3 - 14/8/2011 - Balloon Cave & Rock Pool

Today we had a bit of a sleep in after our big day yesterday.  Plus we were on holidays so we were going to have a bit of a relax today.  After a bacon and egg breakfast we decided that we would try a few short walks, just to keep the legs in condition!

The first walk was down to the Rock Pool.  It was only a really short walk of 300m.  We though the Rock Pool was very ordinary.  Maybe it had been significantly altered due to the floods earlier in the year.  It wasn’t as picturesque as we had been expecting.

Rock Pool

On the way back to camp we stopped to do the 1km walk to Balloon Cave.  It was a nice easy walk.  It was good to do a walk without anyone else on the track.  The whole time we were at the cave and on the walk, no one else came along.  The rock art was in good condition and it was also nice to spot some rock art in the upper reaches of the rocky outcrop that were in the off-limits/protected area.

Protected area rock art- just wish I had the bigger zoom lens on!
The Balloon Cave was situated in a nice little valley.  There was a mix of big gum tree, wattles and palms with a little creek running near by.  Very peaceful.  We spent a bit of time there just taking in the surroundings.

Creek on the way into Balloon Cave

Balloon Cave Rock Art

Wattle that was in flower everywhere
After a late lunch, the afternoon was spent just lazing around the camp and not doing too much at all.  In the late afternoon we did a brief walk up to the lookout behind Takara that looks out over the start of the gorge.
Takara Lookout

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