Monday 28 October 2013

Dusting off the cobwebs!

Well it has been pretty much a year to the week since we had to return to normal life from our trip around Australia, and what a year it had been!  We had been so busy throughout the year that this was the first opportunity to dust the cobwebs off the camper and get out and about.

The reason - a friends wedding in Brisbane.  So we thought we would take a week off and take the week to get to Brisbane.

First stop was Rainbow Beach for a few days.  We wanted to be pretty much within walking distance to everything so we squeezed into the Rainbow Beach Hoilday Village.

One of the main reasons for visiting Rainbow Beach was to use it as a jumping off point to Fraser Island for a day trip.  We were just doing a day trip to use it for reconnaissance for any future trips across with the camper.

Luck was on our side with the tides so it was a nice flat drive up the beach.

On the way to Eli Creek we had to have a brief stop to make way for a couple of plans landing!

We were pretty lucky when we arrived at Eli Creek that there were no tourist buses.  It was still pretty busy even though all of the tourist buses that were on our barge had already left.

After a few floats down the creek it was time to head off to the Maheno wreck.  There is not much of it left now.

From there it was time to head south to Eurong for a quick lunch stop and then head inland to Central Station and see some of the lakes.
Creek at Central Station
We were planning on visiting Lake McKenzie for a swim but we didn't make it.  After the slow going to Central Station due to the soft sand and chopped up tracks we didn't think we would have the time as we still had about 40km of the inland track to get back to the barge pickup point and were only averaging about 20kph.
Lake Birrabeen on the inland track
The last barge was at 5pm and we made it with 30min to spare.  Talking to the barge operator, apparently a few people spend the night sleeping in the vehicles as they under estimate the amount of time that it takes to get back to the pick up point.
On the barge back to Inskip

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