Tuesday 29 October 2013

Little Yabba Park

After leaving Rainbow beach we decided to head inland a little bit and check out some of the smaller towns that we have never really had time to check out.  Because of our dawdling we didn't quite make it to where we had planned so we ended up stopping at a over night free camp just south of Kenilworth called Little Yabba Park

Only two other campers turned up that night and one of then happened to also be from Bundaberg also heading south for a wedding!

Massive fig in the park
That night it was a hurried dinner because some big storms rolled in and dumped some welcome rain.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera setup to capture any of the light show :-(

PS some of you might have missed the first post of this trip because I have been adjusting the blog site settings.  So here it is just in case you missed it :-) http://blog.sjbowden.com/2013/10/dusting-off-cobwebs.html

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