Saturday 23 August 2014

Charleville Trip - Day 4

Day 4 – 23/8/2014 – Charleville

The only plans we had for the day was to do a bit of a walk around the Charleville town centre, so we weren't in any hurry to get moving.

Yellow Belly Statue (Only found in the rivers west of the Great Dividing Range Apparently, I am not a fisho so I will believe what they say)

While walking around the town we stopped for lunch at the local gelati shop, not something that you would expect to see out here! I wonder how popular it would get in summer!

The gelati shop was a small shop built into a much older pub – Hotel Corones. It was a fantastic museum of what the town was like in the past and also contained Charleville's worst vegetarian restaurant!

Some photos of the inside of the pub.

The bar maid said it use to be the longest bar in Oz until it was shortened, but I couldn't find anything to verify it

We didn't venture too close to the railing due to the rickety looking floor boards!
It was a bit of a lazy afternoon around camp so that gave me some time to take a few photos.

After another early dinner it was time to head out to the Cosmos Centre. It was a pretty impressive structure as the roof of the Cosmos Centre is split in two and then rolls open to give a big view of the stars. There were 4 telescopes setup and you had a group of about 6 people at each.

The most impressive sight through the telescope was Saturn. Here is what it looked like. Not my image, I just googled up what it looked like. Even though it didn't look like all of the artist impressions of the Saturn that you normally see, it was still very impressive.  It looked a bit sharper and more defined than this, and probably a bit smaller through the telescope.

The guide was fantastic at pointing out the other common constellations and planets. We could never spend enough time star gazing.

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