Sunday 24 August 2014

Charleville Trip - Day 5

Day 5 – 24/8/2014 – Charleville to Springsure

The lightening visit to Charleville was over. It was time to start making our way home again. It was only a quick trip to get a feel for the area and to see what we want to do next time.

Instead of heading home the same way that we came, we decided to head towards Springsure via Tambo. We were initially going to follow the Ward River via Black Ward Road because the people at the visitors info centre said that there were some nice camping sites along the river and we wanted to check them out for future reference. However no one could give us any reliable information to the condition of the road. A week or so beforehand Charleville had record breaking rainfall for the month of August. Given that the road would have been going through black soil country, and we didn't know the condition of the road, so we decide to just stick to the tarmac. Black soil gets very boggy, slippery and sticky with very little moisture and it is not something that you want to get stuck in.

So we ended up stopping in Augathella, meatant country, for smoko.

Augathella Main Street

The road to Tambo
And then Tambo for lunch.
The main street of Tambo

From Tambo we headed across the Dawson Development Road to Springsure. It was a really scenic drive and gave some great views of the Carnarvon ranges.

A 19 photo panoramic of the Carnarvon Range. To see a bigger version you will have to go to the blog site and click on the image.
Here is a link to the blog page to get to the photo

When we arrived at Springsure we checked out the free camp just north of the town, but because it was about 4pm it was already jam packed. It was also noisy with uneven ground so we headed back to the show grounds to set up camp for the night, which was a fantastic place to stop – quiet and spacious.

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