Wednesday 1 April 2015

Salvator Rosa Trip - Day 1

Day 1 - 1/4/2015 - Bargara to Springsure

Well, it was time to get back on the road again - finally!  It had felt like ages since we have had a chance to do a bit of a road trip and explore some new places.  On our way home from Charleville on our last trip, we came across the Dawson Development road from Tambo to Springsure and were captivated by the ranges in the Salvator Rosa section of the Carnarvon National Park.   Ever since then we had been looking for an opportunity to travel out that way again.  The Easter break gave us that opportunity.

It was going to be a day and a half drive to get to Salvator Rosa, so today was all about just getting to Springsure so we could make an early start for getting into Salvator Rosa the following day.

It was certainly looking a lot greener than the last time we came through

When we left Bundaberg there was a light rain all the way to Miriam Vale.  It was predicted that there was going to be some rain for the the Easter weekend.  We were hoping that it was going to be confined to the coast areas.  The National Parks web site stated that it was a dry weather track only to get into Salvator Rosa due to the track running through black soil country, so we were also keeping a close eye on the weather and the Bureau of Meteorology website and thinking up a “Plan B” in case we couldn’t get to the campsite.

On the way into Moura the mining stock piles were quite visible from the highway.

When we have passed through Moura on previous tripes, we have always seen the retro rocket ship in playground.  This time we managed to snag a photo of it as we passed by. It was similar to what we had both played on as kids and it always brings back childhood memories for us.

The Moura Rocketship - We are still kids at heart :-)
On the way home from Charleville we camped at the Springsure Showgrounds and found it nice and quiet so we stayed there again.  This time we had the place to ourselves.

Sunset at Springsure

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