Monday 6 April 2015

Salvator Rosa Trip - Day 6

Day 6 - 6/4/2015 - Biloela to Home

It was a bit of a slow morning again, because we didn't really want to face up the fact that the holiday was over.  We just wanted to keep driving and exploring!  We knew we didn’t have a huge distance to travel and it was a pretty quick pack up. We were on the road by 9am.

You could easily tell that it was Easter Monday.  The traffic on the road was steadily increasing as we approached and joined the Bruce Highway.  Even on the road from Miriam Vale to Bundaberg there was a constant stream of traffic, most likely all leaving 1770 and Agnes Water.

We arrived home early afternoon which was handy as it allowed us to do a majority of the unpack and clean up to get ready for work the next day :-(

Here are some of the basic trip stats:
Total Km = 1580
Total Diesel = 283.03L
L/100km = 17.91

I did fill up an extra 20L jerry can at Springsure.  It was mainly for a backup just incase the track did get a bit sloppy and I was burning more diesel than anticipated.  With having a long range tank fitted I didn't really need too but I tipped the jerry can into the Pajero at camp just to use it up.

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