Monday 9 May 2011

Snowy Mountains Trip - Day 15

Day 15 - 9/5/2011 - Charlotte's Pass and Cooma

A very sad day today - it was our last day at the house.  :-( .  When we got up it was about 0 deg and looking at the weather predictions they still said there was about a 40% chance of snow up in the snow fields, so we all decided we should go for a quick drive up to Charlotte’s Pass just to have a look before we left.  None of us were expecting to see much - maybe a bit of sleet if we were lucky.

We set off in convoy - with John playing the sound of baby Hannah crying non-stop on the 2 way radio.  We were lucky because we could turn the radio off :-) .  It was about 10:30-11:00 on the way to Charlotte’s Pass and it was about 2-3 degrees.  As we approached Charlotte’s Pass we started to see little patches of what looked like snow.  This was exciting enough but when we got right up to the carpark we realised it was actually snowing properly!

The hills looked like they were right out of a Christmas card - only an Australian version! We were so lucky to get there to see it!  Apparently the road to Charlotte’s Pass is closed during the snow season - you can only get there in the snow-mobile.  This is what makes Charlotte’s Pass so exclusive to stay at.  We all wandered around for ages taking photos - it was a really memorable day!

So here are a lot of snow photos becuase it was the first time that I had seen it!!!

Glad we did the Kosciuszko walk when we did!!!

Snow Gum

John and Joel

I made sure it wasn't yellow first!!!

Tilly and her Snow Man

Left to Right: Joel, John, Megan, (Hannah underneath Megans jumper), Ian, Lisa, Tilly,  Steve, Allan, Evelyn and Jodie - What a cool looking bunch!!!
Finally though we had to head back to the house to pack up. We hitched up the van and headed off for Cooma at about 3pm.  We were chased all of the way there by big black storm clouds.  We arrived at Cooma Caravan Park at around 4pm and you could really tell that the snow had started to fall on the mountains because the wind was absolutely icy!!  It was a freezing cold night!  The air temp wasn’t too bad but the wind chill must have been huge.  We were a bit homesick for our lovely house full of our family and friends with an inside warm kitchen and fireplace!!!

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