Wednesday 18 May 2011

Snowy Mountains Trip - Day 24

Day 24 - 18/5/2011 - Girraweean NP to Somerset

An early start because we had a bit of distance to travel today.  We headed up through Warrick and Toowoomba and to Hampton.  We stopped at Hampton for lunch at a nice rest stop that you can actually stay at over night as well.  From Hampton headed down to Esk and then up to the township of Somerset.  It is at the base of the Somerset Dam wall.

On arrival at Somerset we finally felt that we were back in Queensland.  It was nice and warm compared to the last 2.5 weeks or so.

The camping area at Somerset was quite good - a long walk to the amenities though and they are open to the public so not really comfortable to use at night.  Cost was $20 - unpowered site.

A loooong way to the amities block!

Not too bad of a camping area but people are allowed to use generators until about 7pm.  Because there were only about 5 groups in the park, one guy thought he could put the generator outside the boundary of the park and then run it all night.  Very inconsiderate!  It also reaffirmed my decision to go the extra solar panels instead of a generator.  Luckily he was a fair way away from us but even then you could still hear it throughout the night.  The upside is that you can have fires at this place as well but because we were only staying for the night we didn’t bother.

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