Friday 20 May 2011

Snowy Mountains Trip - Day 26

Day 26 - 20/5/2011 - Dicky Beach to Home

A very sad day.  We had to do our final pack up and leave our baby behind and head home.  We dropped the Quantum off at AORC by 9am and arrived back at Bargara by about 1pm.  Walking into our house actually felt really strange.  It felt really really big!  We weren’t use to all of the space!  It took a little while to readjust back to the size of the house.  It felt good to be home but it also felt sad that the great holiday was at an end and we were no longer on the road.  It just reaffirmed the fact that we can’t wait to get out for more adventures.

Here are some of the trip stats

Total Km’s 5774
Total Fuel 915.44L
Av 15.85 L/100km - I don’t think that is too bad considering that I normally average 11L/100km when not towing and I wasn’t exactly driving for economy especially crossing the ranges.
930 photos - You are lucky I didn’t post all of them!!

If I ever get around to working out a good way to make a map of exactly where we went then I will make one final posting for this trip.

We hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did.
Steve and Jodie


  1. thank you for sharing your travel stories!

    We enjoyed reading along !! Your photo's are really stunning - hope you frame a few for around your house.

    Hope your adventures bring you our way again soon.

    Love Lisa and Ian XX

  2. Great Blog..... keeps things in perspective while pushing paper weights at work lol Good photos

  3. Loved it. The Snowy mountain area looks beautiful even without the snow. Some great photos and memories for you.