Sunday 15 May 2011

Snowy Mountains Trip - Day 21

Day 21 - 15/5/2011 - Sydney to Tamworth

We set off at around 9am from Sydney heading north.  At least by leaving on Sunday morning it helped minimise the amount of traffic that was on the roads.  We weren’t really sure where we’d get to but we knew Evelyn and Allan were heading for Tamworth.

We were going to take a bit more of the scenic route so we took the turn-off to Cessnock, then on through to Branxton, Singelton and Mussewelbrook . We caught up to Evelyn and Allan at Musswelbrook.  Anyway, once we caught up at a service station we all decided we would go on to Tamworth together.

The countryside around Blandford and Willow Tree is particularly scenic but then it reverts back to fairly dry bush land coming into Tamworth.  We arrived in Tamworth around 3.30’ish.  We had enough time to unhitch and setup while Evelyn and Allan unpacked into their cabin.  Then we all went for a drive up to the main street.  We ducked into Coles to get some Chicken for dinner and then we quickly drove up to the lookout overlooking Tamworth. It was perfect timing because it was just on sunset and the lights of Tamworth were coming on.

Tamworth at dusk
That night we had chicken rissotto for dinner - perfect comfort food for cold weather.  We ate dinner in Mum and Dad’s cabin while watching some  TV.  When we got back to the van to do the cleaning up we thought the thermometer was broken because it said 2.8 degree!  It was only 8.30 at night and it was freezing!  We never expected that our coldest night would be in Tamworth of all places!  Needless to say the diesel heater got a work out again that night!  I should have twigged how cool it might get when I saw a guy had left his milk out on the back of the camper trailer overnight!  By the time we went to bed, it was 0.7deg outside and the heater had us at a comfortable 14.8deg inside!

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