Thursday 12 May 2011

Snowy Mountains Trip - Day 18

Day 18 - 12/5/2011 - Day trip to Eden from Tathra

A very cold and bleak day.  It was possibly the day that it got down to -7deg and snowed in Cooma.  We were lucky that we got out of there in time!!!

We drove from Tathra right down the coast to Eden and then back, stopping at all the little townships along the way but not really getting out of the vehicle due to the weather.  Most of them are very developed and don’t have an awful lot of character.  We can see why Lisa loves Tathra - it really is so quiet and unspoilt compared to all the other beach side towns.
When we got back to Tathra, we went for a quick drive to look at the Wharf and then to the local butcher to a roast and a couple of T-Bones for dinner.  The weather was not as windy tonight - a lot more pleasant than our first night.

No photos today, mainly because the weather was pretty ordinary and I think we were feeling a bit flat because we knew we were on the homeward journey.

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