Monday 1 October 2012

Oz Trip - Day 153

Day 153 – 1/10/2012 – Geelong via the Great Ocean Road

As we left Port Fairy we felt a we could have spent a few more days there just relaxing and wandering around the town.

It was going to be a big day, not so much kilometres wise but a lot of sight seeing on the way, lots of stops. First stop was the Bay of Islands.

The Bay of Islands

Then The Grotto

The collapsed London Bridge
London Bridge

Glad I wasn't on there!

Penguin tracks in the sand - unfortunately we didn't see any :-(
Then The Arch

We couldn't believe how busy The 12 Apostles were. It was unbelievable. It is so popular that they have actually put a visitors info centre on the inland side of the highway and have a tunnel under the road for pedestrians to access the viewing platforms.

The visitors centre

The tunnel under the highway

Ok I get the message!

After the 12 Apostles it was pretty slow going due to how how windy the road was. It was also a bit narrow in places.

It was still pretty chillie at midday!

The final sightseeing stop for the day was at Bells Beach. It would also be pretty amazing to see the cliffs when it is crowded with people when the major surfing comps are on.
Bells Beach

Because it was getting late in the afternoon we decided to skip a drive through Torque and do that the next day from out of Geelong.

We also saw the most wildlife that you don't normally see on a road trip. We had 2 echidnas waddling across the road in front of us, a deer jump out of the bushes onto the road in front of us and slip and slide all over the place because it couldn't get any traction on the road due to hooves, and a koala run across the road towards us. Luckily in all situations we were travelling relatively slowly and there was no oncoming traffic or casualties.

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