Wednesday 10 October 2012

Oz Trip - Day 162

Day 162 – 10/10/2012 – Bathurst to Walcha

Well you can't go through Bathurst without doing a hot lap, well as hot a lap that you can do in a turbo diesel 4wd towing a camper with a 60kph speed limit! On the way out of town be did a detour to Mount Panorama for a quick spin around the race track.

Pole Position!

Hell Corner
Heading up Mountain Straight

Entering the Cutting
The cutting
Exiting the Cutting

Looking back out over Bathurst
Stopped on Skyline for a few pics

The view from the top of the mountain
Entering the Esses
The name says it all
Entering the Dipper
Entering Forest Elbow
Exiting Forest Elbow onto Conrod
Conrod Straight
Conrod Straight at not quite 300kph!
Coming into Caltax Chase
Looking back onto Mount Panorama
Armor All Bridge and Rydges Mount Panorama
Looking back down the starting straight and pits from Murray's Corner
From Bathurst we took some back roads to Ilford, Mudgee and Merriwa to end up in Scone and back on the New England Highway. It was a scenic drive but very hilly.

Mudgee main street
Scone main street
Because we were now back on to familiar roads, the feeling that the holiday was almost over was starting to set in.

We arrived in Walcha at about 5:30pm. It was a nice little van park just out of the centre of the town.

Van park at Walcha

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