Friday 12 October 2012

Oz Trip - Day 164

Day 164 – 12/10/2012 – Kilkivan Bush Camping

Because we didn't have a big distance to travel we could take our time packing up. It was still cold but at least the rain had stopped but it was very windy. We had heard that it snowed in Glen Innis! We had only passed through there the day before! If we had been a day later we would have seen the snow that we went chasing in Tumbarumba.

We arrived at the Kilkivan bush camp early in the afternoon. It was a nice place with a pretty relaxed atmosphere. There were powered and unpowered sites. The unpowered sites were pretty much anywhere that your power cord couldn't reach too.

At least someone was taking it easy.

It was also our last campfire for the trip.

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