Saturday 6 October 2012

Oz Trip - Day 158

Day 158 – 6/10/2012 – Tumbarumba

Again another day of driving through a lot of small towns in picturesque countryside. It was just a shame that it was pretty much raining all day. We packed up in the wet and it pretty much rained all day until setup that afternoon.

When we left Cobrum we headed out through Yarrowonga

then to Rutherglen,

through to Wondonga and crossed the Murry River and into Albury. From there it was out to Lake Hume Village to have a quick look at the Lake Hume Dam wall. When finished in 1936 it was one of the largest dams in the world.

From there we drove around the base of the dam wall and skirted along the edge of the dam following the Murray Valley Highway – just beautiful country side, to Corryong where we stopped for lunch. It was raining so much, and cold, that we ate in the vehicle.

Coming into Corryong

Pretty chillie for midday!

So much water around we nearly needed on of these!
As we were driving through the centre of Corryong we saw that it was the day of the Upper Murray Challenge. It consisted of a 38km Mountain bike ride, a 26km paddle down the river and then a 25km cross country run. Those guys were keen to do that in the cold and the wet!!!

From Corryong it was through to Tumbarumba via Tooma, the Southern Cloud lookout and great scenery.

Crossing the Murry again back into NSW.

Southern Cloud lookout.

We camped pretty much in the same spot that we did last time we were at Tumbarumba in the caravan park, right beside the little stream that runs through the park. It was a bit sloppy due to all of the rain but it wasn't too bad. That night we even had a slight bit of small hail.

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