Thursday 4 October 2012

Oz Trip - Day 156

Day 156 – 4/10/2012 – Rest Day

Today was pretty much just a rest day and catching up on jobs day before we hit the road again. It was extremely windy so we took the annex walls down while they were dry and to stop them acting like big sales and flapping around. It was also a head start for packing up in the morning.

Later that afternoon we went for a drive through the Geelong CDB and Esplanade on the way to a nice little family owned pizza place, Erics Pizza & Pasta, that we had heard about. The pizza was fantastic and the atmosphere was great. In between making pizza orders Eric came and sat down with us and was chatting to us while we ate, telling us all about the sights to see in Geelong. Unfortunately we couldn't talk him into “retiring” and opening a pizza shop in Bargara.

A Geelong main street

Looking down onto the pier

The entrance to the pier

Geelong foreshore

Big swimming area

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After dinner we went for another drive through the Geelong CBD and ate our takeaway gelati from Erics looking out over the pier.

Cunningham Pier at night.
Unfortunately I didn't think to take my good camera so that is the best I could get with the pocket camera.

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