Saturday 1 February 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 8

Day 8 - 1/2/2014 - Lake Yarrie to Boorowa

We awoke to a fantastic morning on Yarrie Lake.  The slight detour out of Narrabri was soooo worth it.  It was so much better than staying anywhere close to the highway.  The temperature also continued to drop to a nice 17 or 18 overnight making it a nice cool and quiet stop.

Breakfast views!

The cooler temps didn’t last long.  By smoko time it was already up to 37 deg and it touched on 41 deg about lunch time.  And that is where the temp sat for the rest of the day!  

Once we hit Dubbo we left the Newell highway and took the smaller back roads in pretty much a southerly direction straight to Canberra.  We briefly stopped at a few of the smaller towns along the way to stretch our legs and also let the Pajero have a bit of a rest.  This was probably the hardest it has ever worked and I was surprised at how well it was actually doing.  The air intake temp were sitting consistently at about 75 deg C with the engine temp at about 95 deg C.  The engine temp was only 10-15 deg above where it normally sits without towing and a lower ambient air temp.  The temp gauge hadn't moved at all.

A quite Saturday afternoon in Wellington (everyone in the aircon!!)
Molong Cobb & Co building
At 6pm AEDT and it was still 40 deg, hence we decided to just keep on driving to stay in the air con for as long as possible!

6pm and still 40!
We ended up stopping for the night at Boorowa on a powered site - again so we could run the air con in the camper to make it bearable.  Boorowa was also a good site as it was off the main road and it also left us with only a (relatively) short drive into Canberra the following morning.

Boorowa camp ground

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