Monday 24 February 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 31

Day 31 - 24/2/2014 – Launceston Day Trip/Cataract Gorge

As the only thing planned for the day was a walk around Cataract Gorge and the Launceston CBD, we weren't in any great rush to get moving, especially after the last couple of early starts. We decided to park at Cataract Gorge, take the chairlift across the gorge and then walk into the CDB.

Rant Alert: Living in a post flood city, I get pretty annoyed at all of the "self appointed experts" who seem to disregard all of the science from not only our region but also similar events from a lot of  other post flood cities.  Bundaberg is no different to other cities where dredging the river won't solve the cities flooding issues.
Launcestopn CBD
Launceston CBD
After exploring the CDB we headed back to Cataract Gorge for lunch at the Tea House.

You had to be very protective of your lunch and not leave it unattended as the local peacocks were stealing peoples lunches right off their plates when they weren't looking!

It was also the first time that we had ever seen peacock chicks. They were already picking up the bad habits of their mothers!

After lunch it was time to head back across the gorge via the chair lift and back to camp for a lazy afternoon.

Summer and swimming in a full length wet suit!!
Cataract Gorge recreation area

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