Thursday 27 February 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 34

Day 34 - 27/2/2014 – Melbourne to Parks

Even though the seas were slightly less then when we came over, it was still a rough night and we only managed a few hours of some decent sleep after we reached the shelter of Port Phillip Bay.

We docked in Melbourne right on 6am and disembarked at 6:45am. Because we were one of the last ones to board, we were one of the first off. We had to wait around to pick up our small gas canisters, but we were still on our way by 7am.

It was a lot easier run onto the Westgate bridge, the Western Ring Road and finally onto the Hume Freeway with no other traffic around at this time of the morning. It was a very easy run. At lot less stressful then arriving!

It was a nice cool morning as it dropped to 10 deg in the rural outer areas of Melbourne, but as the day wore on, the temperature climbed.

We stopped at a park in Culcairn for lunch right in front of a nice old pub.

Hotel Culcairn
Some of the other towns and scenery that we passed throughout that we haven't passed through before.

A street in Wagga Wagga
Open plains
We decided that we had had enough driving for one day and stopped at Parks at 5:30pm. There was no mistaking that weren't in the cooler climes of Tasmania any more. It was a nice and warm 34 deg!

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