Wednesday 19 February 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 26

Day 26 - 19/2/2014 – Coles Bay Downpour!

We had a sleep in and a late breakfast. Which turned out to be well timed for us because just as we were packing up and getting ready to leave to do the walk to Wineglass Bay, a storm hit with torrential rain. It dumped 42mm in about 30 minutes!

With the van park being on the side of a hill all of the roads turned into rivers! There was a couple camped in a tent on the downhill side of us and the rivers were pretty much swamping their campsite. All they could do was to put a few boots under the up hill side of the tent to lift the floor off the ground and let the water flow underneath the tent while they were sheltering in their 4WD.

With a hell of a lot of water flowing fast and heading downhill, it flooded the cafe, shop and pub directly below the van park.

For people who are looking at this via email or facebook etc, you will have to go to the blog site to see the video.  Click here to take you directly to the page.

We were lucky that we hadn't started the walk to Wineglass Bay as we would have been absolutely saturated. There is no way our spray jackets would have kept us dry form that amount of rain. When we finally set off for the walk to the Wineglass Bay lookout it was still very cloudy and misty, but at least there was no rain!

Looking back down onto Coles Bay
Wineglass Bay
We didn't bother trying to walk down to Wineglass Bay itself as the track was very steep and very slippery due to the down pour. Instead we drove out to the Cape Tourville lighthouse and also did another small walk at Sleepy Bay.

Views from the base of the lighthouse

Again there was another fantastic sunset.

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