Thursday 20 February 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 27

Day 27 - 20/2/2014 – Coles Bay to St Helens/Bay of Fires

From Coles Bay we headed north to St Helens. We were on the move so early this morning that we actually arrived in St Helens just after 10am. Even when checking in at the van park, the people on the front desk had a bit of a grumble that we were there so early and the site didn't have enough time to “rest” between occupations.

After unhitching and smoko, we headed off to the Bay of Fires. The wind and clouds were also starting to pick up.

On the way back to St Helens we found a little cove called Honeymoon Cove and it was sheltered out of the wind. It was absolutely stunning. If you didn't know you were in Tasmania you could think that you were on a tropical beach somewhere, apart from the water temperature.

Swimcart beach on the way back to St Helens.

That afternoon was pretty much spent in the camp kitchen. Jodie catching up on some cooking while I was catching up on the Winter Olympics. The wind was also increasing in intensity. That afternoon and night there were wind gusts of up to 72km. Not the best conditions for an outside kitchen on the camper, hence the reason for staying in the camp kitchen.

It was a good afternoon and night as a few other campers that were in tents and vans were also sheltering in the camp kitchen. We met the people who were camped on a site below us at Coles Bay. It was their tent that the was was running underneath. It was Steve Cooper and his partner. Steve is a fishing writer and his trip to Tasmania was part work as he was doing research for a revision for his book. Here are some of his links and

We also met a french guy who was walking around Tasmania and all he with him was his backpack. He asked us if we had seen any fresh water streams on our way to the Bay of Fires as that was where he was walking towards tomorrow. He was trying to work out where he could fill up his water bottles as he walked up the coast. He could only carry 5 litres of water at a time due to the weight so he was trying to identify water sources. Prior to Tasmania he had been walking around New Zealand for about 3 months and was planning on taking at least that amount of time to do Tasmania!!

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