Saturday 22 February 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 29

Day 29 - 22/2/2014 – Myrtle Park to Beauty Point

Well it was our coldest night in Tasmania and the coldest night we had ever had in summer! It dropped to 0.5 deg overnight. We kept the heater running all night so it was a nice and toasty 15 deg or so, which certainly made it bearable.

When we finally got moving we basically had to head into and back out of Launceston. From Launcenton we headed north along the East Tamar highway. Man it was great to get back onto some wide straight and fast highways again!  It was the first time in weeks that I comfortably get out of 3rd gear and set cruise control and sit on 100kph!!

Crossing the Tamar River
After crossing the Tamar river we did a quick drive through Beaconsfield and then strait to the Beauty Point caravan park to check in. We have done the mining thing in Mt Isa so we didn't bother doing it again.

Entry into Beaconsfield
The reason for visiting Beauty Point was to visit Platypus House and Seahourse World. I wasn't able to get any photos of the platypus in their natural environment at Myrtle Park, so an artificial environment was going to have to do!

Platypus House has been setup to try and breed playpuses in captivity. The first attempt was in 2004 and to date has still been unsuccessful.

Just a reminder in order to view the videos you have to go to the blog site.  Click here to get to the page. 

The second part of the Platypus House tour took us through the echidna exhibit. It was so cool getting up close and personal with the echidnas as well!

After the platpus and echidna tour it was over to the next building, to Seahorse World. Seahorse World was the first place to start farming seahorses and are one of the largest aquariums in Australia for supping ornamental fish to pet wholesalers and private aquariums around the world. They are no longer allowed to harvest seahorses from the ocean because they have been placed on the endangered list as nobody knows exactly home many are left in the wild.

baby seahorses in nursery tank

Wouldn't want to get my hand stuck in those nippers!
Unfortunately it couldn't tell me who was going to win the 2014 Soccer World Cup
And a finally a few camp photos

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