Sunday 23 February 2014

Tasmania Trip - Day 30

Day 30 - 23/2/2014 – Beauty Point to Launceston

Even though we weren't moving far today we had to be up and on the road early as I was doing the Hollybank Treetops adventure. Ziplining through the forest. The tour started at 9am at Hollybank so it was an early pack up to make sure that we could get there in time for the start.

It was absolutely fantastic. It took close to 3 hours to go through the induction and then around to all 6 “cloud stations” - platforms in the trees at heights averaging about 30m above the ground. The highest point being 50m above the valley floor as go from one side of the valley to the other. The lengths of the zipline vary from 15m to 400m. On the 400m length you can hit speeds of about 80kph!

And now for the photos and videos!!!

Unfortunately the instructor was the only one who was allowed to have a GOPRO on, but here is what it looked like!  Again here is a link to the page if you can't view the videos

After lunch at the Hollybank Adventure centre we headed to the van park at Legana. It was one of the closest van parks that we could find to Launceston. It backed right onto the West Tamer Highway. The peace and tranquility of the last few stops was well and truly gone. We spent the afternoon catching up on the boring domestic duties, shopping washing etc etc.

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