Monday 13 June 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Day 12

Day 12 - 13/6/2016 - Finke Desert Rally Race Finish

It was a slightly later start to the morning because the cars were not scheduled to leave Finke until 7:15am.  They take just under 2 hours to get back to Alice Springs so we aimed to get to the track at about 8:30 to get a good spot in the stand.  It was good that it was slightly later as it was the coldest morning yet at 2.4 deg!

The last check point that the competitors go through is a fair way away from the finish line, so no one really knew who was leading the race and was going to be first home.  Quite often the positions can change between the last check point and the finish line.  The only way that you could tell that a competitor was getting close was the dust on the horizon.

And the winner is.....

And then it was Toby Price in second!  Minus a few panels from when the truck left!

And some more of the top contenders

The BT-50 made it, and with all of its panels intact.
So close but yet so far.  His wheel broke on the corner right in front of us, only a few hundred meters from the finish line

Limping home
After all of the cars and trucks had finished they did a bit of track re-modelling to smooth out the gouges from the buggy above.

During the break we also had a walk around the grounds again watching some of the bigger teams pack up.

Toby Price's Dakar winning bike
Careful not to touch as being watched by the KTM guys - I didn't think they would appreciate me sitting on it!
After stocking up with a few more donuts we headed back to the stand to get ready for the bikes to come in.

And it was Toby Price in first!

A very good effort, 2nd overall in the cars and truck category and 1st in the bikes and quad category!

And here are some of the others coming in.

It was out last night all together so we all went out for dinner at the Juicy Rump bar again.  It was a lot busier as all of the competitors and their support teams were also out and about celebrating the end of the race.

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