Monday 20 June 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Day 19

Day 19 - 20/6/2016 - Canoeing in Lawn Hill Gorge

We left camp at about 8:30am to head to the national park to hire a canoe.  We were planning on spending a couple of hours canoeing in Lawn Hill gorge.  We were the first ones there for the day so we set off and had the river and gorge to ourselves.

Canoe hire area
At about the half way mark you had to portage the canoe around Indarri Falls.  You had to start off by lifting the canoe out of the water at a small landing and then drag it up some metal rails to get it up the hill, and then along a track to the next landing, all up about 70 meters.

I clamped the GoPro to the canoe so here is a time lapse video of the upstream trip.  I was still experimenting with the settings so this one is a bit jerky, but you get the idea of what it was like in the gorge.

We canoed up the gorge as far as possible.  At the end there was a junction of a couple of streams.  Here we found a small spot where we could scramble out of the canoe and had smoko beside the streams on the bank.  It was absolute magic.  The water temperature also felt slightly warmer than further down stream.

The end of the road - smoko stop

After smoko we headed back to the falls and the portage zone.  The guy that hires out the canoe suggested that at the portage zone on the way back, go for a walk to the downstream side to see if anyone is on their way upstream.  This way you can see if the track is clear and also you can swap canoes to save each party the effort of porting the canoes past each other.  Unfortunately there was no one heading up stream so we couldn’t swap canoes with anyone.  It didn’t really worry us as we were planning on stopping for awhile and having a swim at Indarri Falls anyway.  The water was still warmer than normal fresh water waterholes and warmer than back at Adels Grove waterhole, but not as warm as at the smoko stop.

Keep an eye out for crocs!!
Indarri Falls

After swimming around for a while we decided that we should start heading back because the midday sun was getting really hot. We could have spent hours in the water floating around.

After returning the canoe we headed back to camp for a late lunch and a lazy afternoon.  The canoeing, swimming and sun took it out of us.

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