Wednesday 22 June 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Day 21

Day 21 - 22/6/2016 - Adels Grove to Normanton

Unfortunately we had to leave today.  We could have stayed a lot longer, exploring the additional walking tracks in the National Park and swimming at Indarri Falls, as well as just relaxing and taking in the tranquility at Adels Grove.

We didn’t really have any firm destination booked, but we were heading north and we needed to find a place that had TV reception, or a least a pub that had TV reception.  It was State of Origin game two tonight!!  The thought had crossed our minds to stay an extra night at Adels and watch the game on the big screen on the Deck, but that would have made the next few days difficult playing catch up on our timetable.

In the few days that we were at Adels Grove the road had dried out to the point where it was now dusty.

Back out on the black top we passed another horseback stockman.

As the kilometres ticked over heading north, the landscape was changing.  A lot of flat country with thousands of ant hills!

And we finally managed to capture one that someone had dressed up.  Because it was at speed you can only just see it though.

Back in the land of the long straight roads!
We knew a good pub at Karumba from a previous trip, but we didn’t really want to do an extra 140 or so kilometres for a one night stop.  We also felt that Croydon was just a bit too much further to keep pushing on too, so we decided to check out the Normanton van parks before making any decision.

We ended up deciding to stay at the Normanton Tourist Park.  By the time that we checked in, had a rest and early dinner, it wasn’t long before it was time to head to the pub for a few drinks and to watch QLD smash NSW - again!  Even after all these years, it never gets boring ;-)

We ended up going to the Albion Hotel.  It was a great setup with the big screen setup in the public bar and a smaller tv setup out on the back deck.  With it being still so warm it was good to be out on the deck for a while.  Just before the game started the publican made an announcement that there was an ex-origin player in the house - it was Carl Webb.

Carl is in the orange shirt

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