Wednesday 29 June 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Day 28

Day 28 - 29/6/2016 - Cairns day trip

It was an early start this morning because there were two reasons for heading to Cairns today.  The storage box door still hadn’t been fixed. The part didn’t arrive in time at Alice Springs for it to be repaired there so we organised for another to be sent to Cairns.  We had to completely pack up camp to take the camper with us for the day trip to Cairns.  We had to have the camper at the repairers by 9:30am and Cairns was about 150km away.

Being up early I was able to get some nice morning photos of around the dam before I had to start packing up.

At Tinaburra there is a memorial to the soldiers who fought in Afghanistan called the “Avenue of Honor”

After navigating the Kuranda range and peak hour Cairns traffic we made it to the repairers on time to drop off the camper.  The next stop was to visit Jodie's great Uncle Fritz.  We spent a few hours with him.  Somehow we ended up talking about Mount Bartle Frere, (Queensland's highest mountain), and he mentioned that he had climbed it when he was a young boy with is older brother and two of his brothers friends.  He then dug out a copy of the original newspaper article that the Cairns Post had published at the time.  It was a really interesting story to read.  Unfortunately I haven’t be able to track it down on The Trove website yet so if you want to read it you will have to read it from this image.  I have left the image larger so that it is readable.  You just have to click on it access the larger version.

After saying good bye to Fritz we headed into the Cairns Esplanade for a walk around and some lunch.

Now that is an infinity pool!

A pity the tide was out
Then after lunch we decided to check out some of the beach side suburbs so we headed to Trinity Beach.

On the way to Trinity Beach we passed the 10m statue of Captain Cook - He has been there for as long as Jodie can remember
Trinity Beach
Trinity Beach
By now it was mid afternoon and we had a call to say that the camper was ready to roll.  So we headed back to pick up the camper to head back to Tinaburra - right in peak hour traffic going up the Kuranda range.  Luckily we had a truck behind us that was slowing a lot of the traffic up so we were able to just cruise up the range at our own pace.

On the way back to Tinaburra we passed the free camp outside of Mareeba.

Busy free camp!
Seeing that, we were glad that we were heading back to our campsite at the dam!

Our neighbours at the van park couldn’t work out what was happening when we arrived back and setup camp again.  Unfortunately it was only for a night because we were starting the trek home tomorrow :-(

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