Sunday 26 June 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Day 25

Day 25 - 26/6/2016 - Innot Hot Springs to Tinaburra

It wasn’t going to be a big travelling day so we were able to take our time packing up.  I was able to spend some time taking a few more photos of the creek with the steam rising off it.

Early morning steam on the creek

While we were having breakfast, Jodie found a friend - Camp Cat. It was so friendly that when we were packing up the camper we did a double check to make sure it hadn’t got into the camper and was going to become a stowaway. 

Camp Cat
On our way out we were able to get some photos of the kiosk and pool area.

Reception and Kiosk building  

The super hot pool was in the building on the left in the background

As we headed up to up onto the Tablelands the scenery was changing.  The hot, dusty dry scenery was replaced by the mist and the rolling green hills.  Such a contrast and it was so nice to see some green after having spent the last couple of weeks looking at mostly brown.

We spent the afternoon catching up on the domestic duties, washing, shopping etc etc in Atherton.  We were also starting to plan out our drive around the Tablelands the following day.

Tinaroo Dam
Tinaroo Dam

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