Monday 27 June 2016

Alice Springs & Lawn Hill Trip - Day 26

Day 26 - 27/6/2016 - Tablelands drive

It had been about 7 years since we were last on the tablelands so this time we decided to re-visit some of our favourite areas.  To start the loop we had to head out through Atherton.

Atherton main street
Our first destination was Herberton.  It was where Jodie’s Dad was born and grew up.  We had a walk around the main street.  It had retained a lot of it historical buildings and charm.

Herberton main street
The Royal Hotel

From Herberton we took some back roads through to Ravenshoe and in the process we stumbled across the highest road in Queensland along with some beautiful scenery.

We didn’t stop for long in Ravenshoe.  I didn’t even have a chance to have a beer at the Queensland’s highest pub!

The highest pub in Queensland
Ravenshoe main street
From Ravenshoe we again took some more back roads through to Milla Milla.  Again it was just endless rolling green hills.  I restrained myself from posting all of the photos for your sake!  In one valley we passed this interesting entrance to a property.

We stopped for a quick lunch at Milla Milla and a few photos of the main street.

Milla Milla
Milla Milla
What the!
From here it was onto our favourite place on the Tablelands, Lake Eacham for a swim.  Lake Eacham is a volcanic lake.  It has no creeks flowing in and no creeks flowing out.  It is totally dependent on rainfall and seepage to keep the water level up.  It can vary by 4m during the wet and dry seasons.

And another dodgy GoPro selfie!
After spending a while floating around in the fresh water, it was hard to drag ourselves away.  We were trying to soak it all up because we didn’t know when we would be able to get back to visit it again.  Hopefully not another 7 years!

We arrived back at camp late afternoon.  Watching the sunset over the Tinnaroo dam with a few coldies was the best way to top off the day trip.

The view from the camp site

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