Monday 13 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 104

Day 104 – 13/8/2012 – Broome

We packed up the camper and left the van park at about 10am. We had to leave the camper at the van park so we left it plugged into power to keep the fridge running.

We arrived at Broome and checked into an on-site cabin in a van park at about 12pm. After unpacking we had a bit of an explore of the town and picked up some mail from the post office.

The onsite cabin

We also found out that Broome also has an outdoor cinema, the Sun City Pictures.

The cinema is on the landing path of the airport that is pretty close to the town centre. It is a pretty strange sight when you are sitting in the cinema and a jet is coming in to land. It was so close that you could almost see the people in the plane through the windows! They certainly would have been able to see the screen. You could hear the roar of the plane coming as you were watching the movie, then it would fly straight over our heads, (you could also see everyone else in the cinema ducking their heads as the plane flew over), and then you would feel the turbulence from it.

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