Sunday 5 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 96

Day 96 – 5/8/2012 – Diamond Gorge

This morning it was off to Diamond Gorge and also too see if we could find a nice spot to have a bit of a swim.

Passing landscape

The best spot that we found to swim was at the start of Diamond Gorge. The idea of damming Diamond Gorge has been floated a couple of time. Luckily it hasn't been.

The swimming spot
Diamond Gorge
When I went looking for alternative swimming spots further up the gorge, I spotted a fresh water croc in the water.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera at that point.  And I didn't tell Jodie about it until after having a swim :-)

This is why we wanted to find somewhere to have a swim!

I think that was a new high temp
After cooling down it was back to camp.

Our Wilderness campsite

And the view

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