Wednesday 8 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 99

Day 99 – 8/8/2012 – Derby

A late start to the day due to the last couple of big and stressful days. We spent the morning rearranging our bookings and itinerary to make use of our extended stay in Derby. The required parts for the camper were going to take nearly two weeks to get to Derby.

I also found a tyre place to order me a new tyre to replace one on the camper that had a cut in the sidewall. I only noticed this cut on the sidewall when the camper was up on the flatbed.

The cut in the side wall

In the afternoon we explored the town. We visited the prison boab tree.

Prison boab tree
The tree was used to hold aboriginal prisoners overnight on the way to Derby.

We then watched the tide coming in and the sunset from the Jetty. The tides in this part of the country are massive. There can be up to nearly 10m difference between low and high tides. Watching the tide coming in looked similar to the Burnett River in flood! The current was that strong and quick.

That night we had dinner back at the pub again because we just couldn't be bothered cooking and cleaning up. We didn't see the french guys again so we assumed that they caught the bus to Broome. We did however see Mark “Jacko” Jackson and Warwick Capper there as part of their “Wild Colonial Psychos” tour.

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