Thursday 2 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 93

Day 93 – 2/8/2012 – Drysdale Station to Manning Gorge

We were packed up and ready to roll by about 8am. We had to top up the water tanks so this added a bit more time before we could head off.

About 40km away from Drysdale Station a Norwegian family in a Britz camper flagged us down. They had over taken us just after we had left the station gate. Unfortunately a large kangaroo had jumped out in front of then and they had hit it. They were so lucky that they didn't end up rolling the camper as they showed us their tracks where they swerved to try and avoid it and they had basically gone off into the bush and back out again. They were also lucky that they didn't do any damage to the vehicle by going off into the bush at high speed. Unfortunately nothing could be done for the roo.

About 20km out from Mt Barnett Road house the road started to get massive chunks of rock on it. It was a bit nerve racking trying to miss the largest and sharpest of the rocks so as to look after the tyres.

We found a nice camp site away from the masses but still within walking distance to the amenity block. The whole camp ground was very sandy. It was like camping at the beach, but just without the ocean.

Camp site at Manning Gorge
We spent the afternoon swimming in the freshwater creek and finding the best way across the creek to access the start of the walk to the gorge.

Waterhole at Manning Gorge camp ground

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