Friday 3 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 94

Day 94 – 3/8/2012 – Manning Gorge

Because we knew we had to do an early morning swim before we could start the walk to Manning Gorge, we had a bit of a slow start so that the day could warm up a bit and take the chill off the water. Basically in order to start the walk to Manning gorge, you had to swim across the creek to the other side where the track starts. You had to put all of your gear into some styrofoam boxes and swim it across without tipping it over. Hence the reconnaissance swim the afternoon before. I also wasn't game to risk my good camera to a styrofoam box with a crack in the bottom of it, so all photos today are taken on our pocket camera.

Swimming our gear across to the start of the walk

It was about an hours walk to the gorge. There was a lot of rock hopping and towards the end of the track it was nearly mountain climbing to get over some of the rock ledges.

Note the track markers in the tree

Scrambling over the rocks to get to the falls
Looking over the waterhole towards the falls

Swimming at the falls
Because it was so hot in the middle of the day on the way back, it was good to know that you had to have another swim to get back to the camp site.

I spent the afternoon exploring in the bush around the camp site and collecting firewood. We also went for another afternoon swim so that I could wash off the excess dirt that I had also collected while collecting firewood!

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