Wednesday 1 August 2012

Oz Trip - Day 92

Day 92 – 1/8/2012 – Rest day at Drysdale Station

Basically just a bit of a rest day with a few small jobs thrown in and checking the camper and the Pajero for any broken things. Luckily none found. The battery tray seems to be holding up ok, but the camps book wasn't!

The corrugations undid the spirals!

We ended up having lunch at the pub. Also at the pub was Roothy from the 4WD Action magazine. They had been out this way for about a month.

The famous Milo - It doesn't look as good as in the magazine or videos!
After lunch we went to check out Miners Pool. It is a bush camp run by Drysdale River station about 5 km up the road beside a water hole that you can swim in. We were thinking of going for a swim but there looked to be too many crocodile hiding spots so we passed on that.

That night we also dinned out back at the pub.

The beer garden
The bar
The restaurant
The dust in the air

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